Anime Tier List (December 2019)

Michael Reynolds
28 min readDec 17, 2019


The time has finally come for my anime tier list to be alive once again. My previous tier list was made in July, and a lot has changed since July. I’ve been to anime viewing parties, tried new types of anime, and continued to watch a bunch of slice of life anime. Unlike the previous tier list, this tier list will not be exclusively slice of life, but still, expect 70%+ of the anime to be in the slice of life genre. I will also be doing a different tier list system compared to last time. Rather than putting the descriptions in each tier, I am instead going to list the anime that I watched in chronological order, and give my thoughts and opinions on them, and give a score rating (F, D, C, B, A, or S). At the end, there will be the combined tier list, as well as a few extras. This is entirely my opinion, so do not be offended if I put one of your favorite animes low, or put a bad anime high up on the list. Let’s quickly go over the criteria for each ranking.

The F tier is for anime that is so bad to me that I had to quit the series with no intention of coming back. The severity of anime in this tier can vary, but this is a blanket “didn’t want to finish” tier.

The D tier is for lackluster anime. They may offer a thing or two that is appealing, but a lot of the anime is flawed. It was not quite bad enough to drop the anime, but it may have been a chore to finish.

The C tier is for the decent anime. These anime show a lot of promise but are held back in multiple ways. There is often a lot of potential in these anime, but is not capitalized on, or was used incorrectly.

The B tier is for the good anime. Compared to C tier, B tier anime have their strengths capitalized on more and fewer flaws but are still lacking some fundamentals which are required to be A tier.

The A tier is for the great anime. These anime have only a couple of flaws and many strengths. Solid anime all around with few complaints.

The S tier is for the truly amazing anime. In the context of this list, it will be my 3 highest-rated anime.

I actually sort of like the Pokemon anime, but I don’t think it really fits this tier list

A little side note right at the start. TECHNICALLY the first anime I’ve watched was Pokemon DPP, and I also watched some Bakugan when I was younger. Technically these are anime. But they are so childish of anime that, for all intents and purposes, they aren’t going on this list. To be clear, I don’t think Pokemon as a whole is childish, I do play the games a lot to this day after all, but the anime has gotten more and more focused on reaching the youth demographic that it feels like I’m watching a cartoon more than an anime. Some of the Pokemon movies from gen 1–3 were absolutely amazing, but recent Pokemon movies I’ve watched felt like they are missing something that the OG Pokemon movies had. Anyways, Pokemon, Digimon, and Bakugan will not be included in the tier list, but I felt they deserved a mention.

I’m a tank geek so I enjoyed this anime more than most will

My actual first anime, Girls und Panzer. Despite what you will see as my ranking, I actually think its a decent anime. If not for its concept, it would be a B- anime. The 2 main things holding it back are the characters and the concept of the anime. While the concept is cool and unique, the anime runs into a problem of only appealing to people who REALLY like tanks. The amount of lore you learn about World War 1 and 2 and their tanks is really high considering its a slice of life anime, but even as someone who used to play tank games for 4 years straight, I found some parts of the lore boring and unnecessary. Additionally, tanks aren’t mechs, there is a limit to how many “cool” things you can do before you repeat the same tactics. A lot of the characters in Girls und Panzer are great, but some of them are not so good in my opinion and there are so many characters to remember. There are like six different groups of 3–7 people, and additional allies and all the opponents you will have to remember and keep track of. The MC is alright, albeit a bit bland at times and sometimes her voice is a bit annoying to me, but that’s a personal thing. There are times where this anime really shines, but there are times you are lulled asleep as well. If you like tank action and are willing to sit through a history lesson from time to time this anime is pretty good, but if that isn’t you, you may dislike this anime.

Verdict: C

Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

Technically speaking, Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions is the second anime I’ve watched, even tho I only finished it in August of this year. In September of 2018, I was wanting to find anime that I would enjoy after not watching any anime in 4 years, and after watching a few anime for a couple of episodes but not liking them, I gave up. This anime was one of those few. The other anime I cannot remember the names of, but this was the first anime I had tried. For someone who had almost no anime experience, Rikka can come off as odd and gave me a supposition that anime is childish. It was a bad supposition, but nonetheless is what I got. I finished the anime in August of this year, and while it still made me cringe countless times, it is a very well done anime. This might be the best example on my list of anime that shows character progression. Every single character (except Kumin, who acts as an anchor in the show) has struggles, overcomes them, and changes how they act for the rest of the anime. It might seem like a simple concept, but it’s often not very easy to pull off and many anime struggles with no progression or inconsistent progression. This is the first KyoAni anime in the list, but a huge shout out to them for the amazing anime they’ve made, and I watched this anime at the time I did in part to pay respect to the tragic incident that happened at their studio. To think the creators, drawers, and storyboarders that made some of my favorite anime got murdered is just awful. Anyways, this anime is top tier and would be higher if I didn’t have to cringe at the 8th-grade syndrome multiple times an episode.

Verdict: A-

Didn’t know angels and demons could be this cute tbh

After looking around for a few anime to watch, I had all but given up on anime. Nothing was really clicking with me at the time, and I didn’t want to force a hobby upon myself. One day, however, a friend sent me an “FBI Open up!” meme involving a character from Gabriel Dropout, Raphiel, ‘s large breasts. It was both humorous and turned me on a bit (DON’T SHAME ME OK) and I found that I loved the anime for more than the large boobies. The characters are funny and fresh, with each of them having their own strengths and problems that are put to comedic effect. The animation is beautiful and the writing is excellent. My biggest problem with the series is that it’s a pretty standard anime outside of the whole characters being angels and demons thing. It goes over so many stereotypical anime tropes like beach scenes, random dramatic fights that have no purpose, and random exaggerated attacks from one character to another. Overall this is an average anime that’s still worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

Verdict: B

Here you go, this is the anime summed up in 1 photo

One of the more interesting anime on this tier list. I actually found Sakura trick on accident while trying to find another anime, Yuru Yuri. For whatever reason, I wanted to watch it on Youtube rather than on literally any anime website. Sakura trick somehow was the first result over any actual Yuru Yuri content, and the rest is history. Sakura trick is an interesting anime because it sacrifices almost everything to do 1 thing really well. If you want to watch dramatic, over the top kissing scenes between two girls, this is your anime. It starts from episode 1, which is insanely fast. But like I said, it has lots of problems. The side characters are actually really good but get very little screen time, and their interesting plots are explored for 1 episode per side character couple, which is really disappointing. The whole plot is around the big sister not finding out about the 2 main characters being more than friends, but it’s one of those hindsight plots that realistically, who cares if the sister finds out. She ends up being really supportive of it in the end. Additionally, when so much of the anime is around girls kissing, it becomes very predictable. Do they go to a carnival? Oh, it’s just to set up a kiss scene. Somebody is trapped in a warehouse? Oh, they are just gonna kiss on a ladder then. Really gets rid of a lot of the surprise factor anime often has. tl;dr the kissing is really hot but its a bad anime besides that, and it had a lot of untapped potentials.

Verdict: D

Kyoko is such a zoomer

Yuru Yuri was the first anime that I bonded with on another level. Up until this point, I had just googled similar anime to the previous one I watched, but with Yuru Yuri that changed. I found out that this anime genre, slice of life, would be my favorite genre and I needed more. The characters in Yuru Yuri are wonderfully made, and there is a lot of wholesomeness, humor, and Yuri going on. As previously stated in my other blog, the main problem is that Yuru Yuri has really bad progression. The characters change a bit but are mostly just funny stereotypes. I accidentally lied in the July blog, because there actually is a progression in terms of them advancing through school, but it’s so minuscule and forgettable that I legitimately forgot, but after re-watching a bit of the anime I remembered a scene that did reference they were starting their second year. Regardless, the progression is still really bad, and the characters don’t change after so much time passing. Maybe this is a design choice, but it’s not one I like. Still, this is among my favorite anime and has been the only anime so far I’ve re-watched. The characters, while being stereotypes, for the most part, are amazingly written and this anime will provide many laughs. It’s a long anime so you can really take your time and enjoy it, and I never felt like there was a dull moment. A solid anime that I would recommend to anyone interested in a slice of life anime.

Additionally, Yuru Yuri is still an active anime despite first premiering in 2012, with an OVA and a Mini Yuri series being released this year, for the 10th anniversary of the manga. Considering Yuru Yuri got 8x more money crowdfunded for these projects than what was asked for initially, I have big hopes that Yuru Yuri will get a 4th season!

Verdict: A+


Kinmoza is one of the most popular anime, popularized by the AYAYA meme. The anime was amazing and I really loved watching it. It fulfilled on the hype I had for the anime, albeit the pacing was quite slow. Even with the amazing characters, the pacing for even a slice of life was really bad. One thing I did enjoy about the pacing though, was seeing the progression in the students. Not only did they grow as people where you can see improvements made in their attitude or lifestyle, but you actually see the progression through the grades. Some anime that are school slice of lives make the mistake of realizing that the school is not actually shown much. Kinmoza shows the progression fairly well. Nothing else is particularly bad about the anime, and Karen makes this anime actually so fun to watch. Aside from the pacing of the anime, this is a solid anime in every regard, but it doesn’t stand out very much.

Verdict: B-

K-On has truly exceptional intros and outros

K-On is my vote for the “must watch” slice of life anime. It embodies everything great about slice of life anime without the many drawbacks. My heart hurt real bad when this anime ended because it made me feel so nice when watching it for a solid 2 months. The character design in K-On is very simple yet amazing. Azusa is without a doubt my waifu of choice. The Ritsu and Yui segments were really funny, and I saw a lot of myself in Mio. K-On was relaxed but not slow. Many slice of life anime, as I’ve talked about previously, go too slowly to emphasize being relaxing as they should, but K-On does it in a very natural way that feels authentic. The characters, the progression actually existing, and not having any cheesy endings or themes give this the S tier. The singular downside for me is that the final movie is a bit sour compared to the sweet anime it had been up until this point. But it still wasn’t that bad, and I still enjoyed it. I have nothing particularly bad to say about K-On and it’s an anime I’d recommend to anyone.

Verdict: S+

Big tiddie anime

I watched a small little anime partway through K-On called Komori-san Can’t Decline, because at this time my power went out a lot. Its episodes were really short and were meant to be more of a fun/teasing anime. It might seem a bit unfair to put it so far down on the tier list, but I am rating every anime I’ve watched and compared them to each other. I don’t think it’s too bad if you want something to do for half an hour, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it. No story, no progression, only half-decent characters, you get the gist. Still a fun and cute anime to watch but it simply can’t compete with the other anime here.

Verdict: D

Cute ninjas are the best type of ninjas

As amazing as Yuru Yuri, Kinmoza, and K-On were, I had watched about 90 episodes of relaxing slice of life anime. I was starting to get bored with the relaxed pacing and lack of action, so my next anime was a bridge anime between comfortable and action-packed. The simplest way to describe Release the Spyce is if it were Yuru Yuri, but the characters were also secret ninjas. Both anime were created by Namori, so lines can be drawn between many of the characters in look and personality. All of the characters have their own spin however and do not feel too similar to any other anime. The fights were pretty solid, and the character progression was solid as well. Momo really had a tough time for a large part of the anime, which helps since I think a lot of the reason I don’t like action anime is the fact that everyone except the main rival is a piece of cake to fight, effortlessly dodging all their attacks. There are also some plot twists, which were pretty well done. The opening soundtrack is probably my favorite soundtrack of any anime I’ve watched so far. A lot of good things about this anime, with very few downsides. The main downside is that you are longing for more after just 1 season. It is a fairly new anime, however, and I have hope that more will come soon.

Verdict: A+

Good meme, sorry for low res

Probably the most popular slice of life anime at the moment, and for good reason, is Konosuba. The character design is excellent, the humor was hilarious in a new way compared to any of the previous anime, and it takes “being put in a fantasy anime world” to a whole different level. Megunmin is a close second to Azusa as my favorite anime character of all time, and the comedy of this anime is unparalleled. I actually had to pause about 1 time per episode just to give myself a chance to breathe after laughing so much. The only negative, which is kind of big but not enough to demote it from S tier IMO, is that the anime is just a promo for the visual novel. And not to hate on the VN, because it’s alright from the bit of gameplay I’ve seen, but the anime is just a giant advertisement was a bit discouraging. Even with it being a giant ad, it is a work of art and I love it to bits. This was also the first anime (not counting Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions since I only watched 2 episodes before quitting initially) that I watched that had a male main character. As immature as it sounds, one of the main reasons I watched anime was because the characters were females. However, Konosuba would introduce me to the world of solid male protagonists, and Kazuma was amazing. I was under the impression previously that every male protagonist was the kind that says “Haha, you just activated my trump card” and then raises their glasses in an edgy way. But like most stereotypes, it’s not true of the general populous, and every anime I’ve watched up until this point was not like this. Overall, Konosuba is an amazing anime with no flaws in its design or characters, only that it’s a marketing scheme.

Verdict: S

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou will immediately have you thinking incredibly disturbing thoughts off of the name, but it really makes sense in a normal way to have this name once you get 3 episodes in. Shiina is very unique, to the point that anyone made like her would be seen as blatant copying, which isn’t something most anime can claim they have on their side. Unlike the general viewer base of this anime, I don’t think Sorata is a bland main character, as he has very relatable struggles and doesn’t seem all that normal compared to some of the other main characters I’ve seen. While this anime has a unique story and unique problems, and very good character design, there’s just something that makes the anime feel average. Not bad, but something about it feels very normalized. I can’t exactly put my finger on any one area, but something about the combination of everything makes it feel like it isn’t quite a standout anime. It is still by no means a bad anime, and I still really like it and all of its characters.

Verdict: B+

I had been dreading watching Clannad for a few months before I watched it, because of its massive size. 49 episodes is not a joke, and being a slice of life I thought I might get burnt out, but the countless people recommending After Story made me give it a chance. I am glad that I took that chance because Clannad is an amazing anime that really plays with your emotions. Part of the reason that After Story is so impactful is the fact that you’ve been with the characters for so long. Nobody is really annoying, so you get attached to pretty much every character. Other than it’s dreadfully slow pacing for the first 10 episodes, there are really no downsides to this anime, other than maybe some outdated visuals. The first 10 episodes will be a big hurdle as the episodes are pretty boring and repetitive, but stick with it and you have an amazing story unfold. You can really feel the heart put into the characters, and they honestly feel like more than characters, like they are almost real beings. There is that level of soul put into them. This anime got a promotion from the previous ranking since I decided that for this sample size of anime, I wanted 3 S tier anime.

Verdict: S-

New game is an interesting anime that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. The anime has a certain charm to it that really makes watching an enjoyable experience, and I always found myself looking forward to the next episode. Like a handful of other anime on this list, there were some excessive cringe moments that spoiled it a bit for me, but overall this anime is great. Likable characters, a unique setting, and plenty of character progression. Overall it’s a pretty standard slice of life anime that is the definition of “normal” and has the normal slice of life anime positives and negatives. Its main standout feature is the fact that it’s setting is completely different than the norm, a highschool, and yet it still plays out like one and it works quite well.

Verdict: A-

*** Just a quick note that right here is where I finished Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions in my “anime timeline” ***

Tights. Nuff said

Miru tights is a very weird anime. It has a different style of episodes, lasting only 4 and a half minutes long per episode, which gives you just enough to get engaged but not enough to feel at all satisfied by watching a singular episode. It’s an anime all about girls wearing tights, which is kinda odd but I did pick this anime knowing that. I guess I just feel there is so much potential not used here. I also didn’t realize until halfway through that this was a light hentai, so while there weren’t any sexual shots, there were sexual-ish poses done. The plot, just like the episode length, leaves enough to make you curious but doesn’t do anything to finish the job in any way. I was quite dissatisfied with this anime as a whole.

Verdict: D

This is accurately how I felt when I watched this anime

While Miru Tights was disappointing, Gamers! is on a whole different level of bad. Gamers! is the most cringe anime I’ve watched (Maybe I should’ve known, given the title). I think it’s supposed to make light of common gamer stereotypes, but it does so poorly. Because I’m sure many of us gamers will find it funny and relatable to have 4 girls chasing us wanting to date us, while we are hard set on the 1 girl that doesn’t want us. See what I mean? It just isn’t funny and the 2 main male characters actually pissed me off so much. Not only were they very generic, but they also had about the worst decision making possible. Just writing about this anime makes me angry so I’ll give the tl;dr. This is the worst anime I’ve ever watched. I gave it the 3 episode rule, but after 5 episodes I was so unbelievably done with this anime. And so, it is the only anime to be placed in the lowest tier possible: the anime too bad (in my opinion) to finish.

Verdict: F

They don’t research boys, they research the act of love…

Love Lab is a peculiar anime that has a lot of unique aspects to it, but some of the uniqueness is overall what I don’t like about the anime. While all-girl schools are not particularly uncommon in slice of life anime, dating in them is pretty rare, and yet this anime focuses solely on that, while not being yuri at all. Yet despite this, you don’t see any significant male characters for over half the series, and no guy ends up being dated (Not that I think any of them deserved a girl, tbh). My biggest gripe is that I was expecting something a bit more aggressive in its approach with the name “love lab”. Lab insinuates experimentation, which would mean practicing dating other guys, but instead, the anime is more about filling out all of the character’s little story arcs, only a couple of which are even related to guys. With that said everything else about the anime is pretty normal and it’s a nice comfy slice of life to enjoy.

Verdict: C+

Such a beautiful anime

After being a bit disappointed in the romance department from Love Lab, it’s only natural I chose an anime I knew was going to be more aggressive. In many ways, this is the anime Sakura Trick done right. Bloom Into You has fantastic characters, fantastic animation, really good angles for many of its scenes, and actually relevant side characters. It felt like everyone was given an appropriate amount of screen time. The nerd got almost none, and the secretly lesbian teacher got plenty of time whilst being undercover. The emotions in this anime rivaled that of Clannad, and the characters felt real. “Beautifully flawed” is the perfect way to describe the main characters. The big problem I have with this anime is that there were a bunch of cool things that just didn’t get tied up. Without spoiling too much, the last episode was a letdown and a round-about way of answering all the questions. For a dramatic anime with lots of tense moments and strong feelings, it didn’t feel right at all to have a very happy last episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good episode, but I was constantly checking the time thinking “when’s the big play this anime has been building up to going to happen? Can it really be done in 5 minutes?” and it just wasn’t done. I really liked this anime, up until episode 13. I was slightly less disappointed at the ending after readings some comments about some hidden meanings behind some of the things done in the last episode (not listed to prevent spoilers), but it still felt like there was an episode missing, and the pace was suddenly very mellow and happy. After a bit of research, there is apparently enough manga content to theoretically make a season 2, so I won’t give up all hope on the anime, but for now, it’s knocked down a bit for its abrupt ending. It is otherwise an excellent anime and a great example of an anime that (so far) values the journey more than the destination. It has the potential to rival a spot for S tier if it was completed, but for now, it’s still an excellent anime.

Verdict: A

Sempai is a good meme

A personal thing I like doing is waiting until the full anime is released before watching it because I like to binge-watch anime rather than 1 episode a week. I waited as long as I could before I started this next anime, Magical Senpai because it was an anime I had been anticipating for so long. I started it the week episode 12 was released because I was quite anxious to get started. I loved this anime and had a great time watching it. While the shorter episodes were disappointing and the side characters sometimes were a bit more annoying than funny, they were still good and I still had a lot of laughs with this anime. Most anime have me laughing at a few pre-planned jokes or occasional ridiculous moments, but Magical Senpai is full of them. This anime does the “no progression” style right. It doesn’t try to make a story out of something that doesn’t need one, and the characters are made to be funny, not to have story arcs. The middle episodes of the anime were slightly less good, but the beginning and ending were really great.

Verdict: B+

V wholesome

Yuyushiki is perhaps the most wholesome anime I’ve ever watched. While very similar in premise to Yuru Yuri and K-On, which are also wholesome anime, there is something different about Yuyushiki. Only having 6 notable characters, only 3 of which are main characters mean that the character dynamics have to be good to compensate, and they were excellent in this anime. The innocence of the characters in the anime gives it an adorable kind of feeling, and I found myself smiling often, half of the time from laughing, and the other half from just the cuteness of the anime, not even the characters per se. Yuyushiki also has a unique art style that I have never seen done before, and it gives a unique vibe and atmosphere to the anime. Perhaps the most laid back anime you can watch. And it’s been mentioned a bunch by now, but the fact that I can follow the progression of the characters makes it that much better. I know they are moving up in grade and the important moments in the anime are shown, while the unnecessary moments are skipped over, alluded to, or assumed. There is no action here, but for a cozy, wholesome slice of life anime, this is perhaps the best in making you feel happy after a long day of school or work.

Verdict: A-

The very first anime I anticipated watching after starting

The very first anime I anticipated coming out, I finally got around to watching the now notorious anime, Love is War. This anime is just a masterpiece that only has a couple of things holding it back. It has comedy, great characters, a sort of bland setting that is given a lot of life, romantic hints, a couple of touching moments especially towards the end, amusement, and Chika. Just about everything an entertaining anime could offer. However, just like Bloom into You, it suffers from the fact that the story is not finished yet. The manga it is based on has over 150 chapters, and this first season only covers the first 38 chapters. As such, I feel a tad bit incomplete after watching the anime. I’m given a story, but I was only given the first section of the story. Unlike bloom into you, however, the point is an endless story that (at least as of the current place in the manga) is still not resolved. Season 2 comes out soon and I look forward to the sequel of a great anime series that I’ve loved a lot. In the future, this anime may bump into low S tier based on how the ratings work.

Verdict: A+

Miku best quint

The Quintessential Quintuplets is quite a bit different then I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be something I didn’t like and it turned out to be something that I enjoyed despite its flaws. This is my first anime that is in the “harem” category but just off of intuition I feel like this anime is pretty tame for a harem. Every single one of the girls has a “friends with benefits” type relationship with the MC. Speaking of which, the MC Futaro is fairly bland. He’s not overly cringe, but he’s nothing extraordinary either and played the “I’m a dumb male protagonist” card too often. The girls were also a bit meh. They were clearly based on certain stereotypes and given not much depth. 3/5 are given enough depth to be adequate, and 2/5 were almost just a flat stereotype. The anime is great up until episode 12 where, just like a few of the previous anime, it isn’t the best. It seems to be a reoccurring trend in anime that can’t decide if they are finishing on that season or not. The storyline is pretty sub-optimal, with little innovation in the narrative as a whole. This anime primarily shines in the character arcs and their relationships with the MC. Overall, it’s an average anime that is redeemed by very likable, albeit a bit stereotypical, characters and the dialogue between them. It also has a season 2 already announced and hopefully coming soon.

Verdict: B

There’s a whole lot wrong about this image tbh

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? was an anime that I was hoping to be something that it wasn’t. I was hoping for it to be a slice of life anime similar to NEW GAME!, where it was a typical slice of life in a unique setting with a charming set of characters. While that assessment isn’t wrong per se, it would be very shortsighted to say that about this anime. It also has a very large focus on educational content, and it’s very helpful and informative. Despite this, I still found there were too many negatives to the anime. With so much educational content, it sometimes felt like I was watching PBS instead of something entertaining. Many of the characters were pretty bad, only a couple of them were decent or good. The personalities of the characters weren’t bad necessarily, but quite a few of them were very generic, and the writing for them was often what killed them. The storyline, or whatever you want to call the mess of a story this anime has, is all over the place. Even if it’s not heavy in story, it is sporadic and jumps around a lot trying to redeem it’s “slice of life” quality. There were many unnecessary nude shots in the anime, and only 1 time in the last episode was it for comedic effect. Most of the time it was just for the sexualization of the characters. For an anime wanting to promote good health with its watchers, the muscle in bodybuilders is not exactly the appealing kind to look at, and we see the bodybuilder body type a LOT in this anime. Maybe I’m alone in this thought, but bodybuilder’s muscle is kinda disgusting and lean muscle is much nicer to look at, especially if you are trying to promote good workout habits. Lastly, there are just so many creepy men in this anime that are irrelevant or nearly so. It feels like their only purpose is to be creepy and I didn’t really like that at all. This anime isn’t all bad, and I really enjoyed learning about how to exercise, and this anime has made me exercise at least sometimes instead of never, but there are too many cons for me to give this anime a better rating.

Verdict: C-

Kokoro Connect is a peculiar anime that touches on a lot of real subjects. When I first saw the anime description, I thought it would be a stereotypical bodyswap anime. A semi-common trope, but I hadn’t watched anything like that yet so I figured this would be a good starter. But this anime goes real deep into emotions. Not only does it have multiple phenomena so that it doesn’t tire out the body-swap trope, but it displays depression, bipolar, realistic love triangle-ish scenarios, finding out your personality, and so much more. Not only were the emotions deep, but they were vibrant and varied. It feels like a light-hearted comedy at first, but as you progress it gets progressively more dark and personal. It isn’t a perfect anime though. While there is great emotion showed, it is a bit all over the place, and it feels a bit overwhelming or confusing at times. There are times where the writing feels thought out, but not thought out enough that you can debunk a lot of the plot. All-in-all, this is a good rom-com anime that has a very touching story and gets you attached to characters pretty quick. While I can’t say for certain that it has helped, it certainly has got me thinking about the ways to approach someone in hard times, such as when they are depressed, as the characters faced the same challenges and overcame. A solid anime as a whole.

Verdict: A

It’s a shame that this was only a game and not real

The last anime on this very long blog is A-Channel. I enjoyed this anime and it is well put together, but it isn’t really a standout anime. While it isn’t bad in any area, it doesn’t really have that selling point that most slice of life anime have. Konosuba has Aqua and Megumin, Kinmoza has Karen, Love is War has Chika, etc. Tooru is the closest thing this anime has, but she’s a little too wholesome to be that meme potential to draw people in. There are better anime for wholesomeness, comedy, and school life, so it falls into the mediocre category. It doesn’t really have any weaknesses though, just that it is overshadowed by most other slice of life anime.

Verdict: C+

Here is the combined tier list. Order within a tier does matter.

S tier:




A tier:

Love is War

Yuru Yuri

Release the Spyce

Bloom Into You

Kokoro Connect

Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions

New Game!


B tier:

Magical Senpai

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Gabriel Dropout

The Quintessential Quintuplets


C tier:


Love Lab

Girls Und Panzer

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

D tier:

Sakura Trick

Komori-san Can’t Decline

Miru Tights

F tier:


As a final little bonus, here is my waifu tier list, all of them being from the anime listed previously. I’ll have you know, my definition of “waifu” is pretty loose in order to make this list, so bear with me.

Fu, Release the Spyce

10. Fu (Release the Spyce)

The general kind of waifu I like, not a whole lot to elaborate on.

Miku, The Quintessential Quintuplets

9. Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Miku is the best girl from her anime, and I really enjoyed her character progression. Also, big boobs and embarrassed personalities kinda go hand in hand.

Karen, Kinzmoza

8. Karen (Kinmoza)

Karen has a lot of energy and positivity that is hard to match, which made it hard to not put her on here somewhere. Karen is one of the best girls of all time for a reason. Without Karen, kinmoza likely would’ve been a C or D tier anime.

Kyou, Clannad

7. Kyou (Clannad)

Tsunderes are hard to resist for some people, and that’s kind of me.

Aoyama, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

6. Aoyama (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)

Now we’re at what most people would define as waifu’s, Aoyama x Sorata was the ship I wanted to go through. If you’ve seen the anime at all or even clips of it, you know she can’t compare to Shiina but I still think Aoyama is best girl in that anime.

Chinatsu, Yuru Yuri

5. Chinatsu (Yuru Yuri)

Underage aside, China is best girl in my favorite anime overall. Not putting her here would be a crime. Then again, is putting her on a waifu list a legitimate crime? Only time will tell…

4. Yui (Koroko Connect)

Yui, Koroko Connect

Yui is the most human and emotional of all the contenders here. While a lot of the entries on this list are just because they are very attractive or busty, Yui is very emotional and feels like a person rather than a script that was read aloud.

Yuu, Bloom Into You

3. Yuu (Bloom Into You)

Yuu is really entertaining to watch and it pains me to think she isn’t interested in guys, that’s all I have to say. She would beat #2 and maybe tie #1 if she was straight.

Megumin, Konosuba

2. Megumin (Konouba)

I like EXPLOSIONS and Megumin is pretty charming IMO. Pretty clearly best girl, Agua has nothing on her.

  1. Azusa Nanako (K-On)

Cute, adorable, funny, embarrassing, has a pair of cat ears. Nuff said. Azusa is best girl overall.

In all honesty, it was hard to make this list because I really had to stretch for what the definition of “waifu” was, because unlike most weebs, I don’t really have waifus or think about them much. I really had to think about how best to do this.

Azusa, K-On

And with that, this 6000+ word blog has ended. Thank you everyone for waiting and reading. This blog was very long since I decided to start from scratch, the next blog will be about half this length. I will likely keep the blogs to 6-month intervals as this allows me time to do this passion project on my own time, rather than being a deadline. But I may decide on a 3-month interval if 6 months feels too far away. Thanks for reading.



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