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#12: Maniac. Reedy good. Team bad. Maniac VERY bad which is why this is lower than the others.

#11. Nick. Team bad across the board. Team also goon. Somehow goon win them 3 games. Not convinced.

#10. Brent. Team not bad, but team OMEGA goon. Gooning not working. So in actuality, team bad.

#9. Barrel. Weelickham is ok. Rest of team is bad. Barrel is extremely bad, only beaten by maniac. Too heavy for wee. Poor back.

#8. Garbinger. Harb good. Rest of team bad. Harb is sad because all carry banned. Harb can’t carry 4 goons on not am/pl. Thus, Garbinger.

#7. Cats. Just like harb team. But team less bad. And phantom equally as powerful. Less hero pool but more gamer power. Harb should try getting gamer power.

#6. Princess. Gamer power on team is rising. Up and coming, maybe dark horse. But supports like running it down, not good sign. Princess need leash for supports to stop running it down.

#5. Luth. Many gamer power. But it is weird gamer power so it doesn’t work half the time. Try fixing gamer power. I say that, but scrub unfixable. Hmm. Maybe stuck at 5th place.

#4. Slizeey. We destroy less powerful gamers. We choke against more powerful gamers. Phantom jugg scars me. Tl;dr: we are bridge between good and bad. If we beat strong gamers, it is fluke.

#3: Yumi. Yumi is a very powerful gamer. I like when he carry me in masters. Skroom is powerful gamer but not drinking his gamer juice. Someone remind him to? Rest of team is not powerful gamer. Scary for yumi. All pressure on a poor 17 year old’s back. Last I checked yumi wasn’t jacked, pretty skinny. So scary times for yumi team.

#2. Yop. Powerful gamers. But inno is here, so #2.

#1. Cryptic. Dumb team that looks bad, proves they are not bad and adjust to roles quickly and effectively? Very surprise. Yolk reach divine, but still plays like shit. Someone explain? Cryptic win mid every time despite being trash. Someone explain?


Yop vs Cryptic: 0–2. Cryptic is anime protag. They got their gamer power at the max, they just need to maintain. Yop good but inno bad so 0–2 for them.

Yumi vs Slizeey: 0–2. Not even because my team. We beat bad gamers and lose to powerful gamers. Yumi team has 4 bad gamer and 1 powerful gamer. Unless skroom turns powerful, ez 2–0

Luth vs Cats: 1–1. Cats team improving gamer power. Luth team has animals. 50/50 matchup on animal vs gamer, so 1–1.

Harb vs Nick: 1–1. This game, very hard to predict. Too many goons. 1–1 to be safe.

Maniac vs Brent: 0–2. Maniac team bad.

Barrel vs Princess: 0–2. Princess team increasing gamer power. Barrel team has negative gamer power when factoring in barrel.

Thank u 4 listen.




I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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