FHDL blog week 4? 5? I dont remember anymore

Michael Reynolds
2 min readMay 5, 2022

Writing this in 30 seconds because I’ve had a whirlwind of a week with literal criminals hiding from the cops on my property, me going 36 hours with no sleep, and getting hooked on new single player games to forget what happened. Also deep rock was on sale. So all of that is why this blog is short and not very lengthy, though tbh there is not much to talk about here in my personal opinion. (ok looking back at this I literally lied and talked about some new stuff. classic lava)

8. BGD (Stayed 8th)

7. Meph (Stayed 7th) Bottom 2 stay where they are until we do battle, then loser gets 8th place. It’s pretty hard for me and phantom to accomplish much on the map when the rest of our team is THOUSANDS of mmr lower than our opponents in the same role. No flame to anybody (yet), but it is frustrating to not really get to play dota most weeks. Haven’t really been on a team this consistent at losing before, but in a way it is humbling, to me at least.

6. Nhail (stayed 6th) This team has looked OK in some games, but I don’t think they are standing out in particular. It is possible if either the meph or BGD team gets into shape soon, that they could knock the Nhail team down into the territory of not making playoffs.

5. Reedy (stayed 5th) Team still will likely have internal issues but there is a pretty big gap between nhail and below, and reedy and above imo.

4. Carp (3rd->4th) team is still solid I’m just moving someone above them. Surprising given the low mmr mid but the other players seem to be playing really well.

3. Bibleman (4th->3rd) I’ve been steadily increasing the bibleman team as they have been preforming. Good to see the boys out there winning dota games.

2. Manoy (1st -> 2nd) Manoy team didn’t look so hot against the carp team, so they are far from invincible. Will they drop further when they have to play other high teams, or was it just a fluke? Time will tell.

  1. Yumi (2nd-> 1st) Yumi is absolutely destroying people right now, this meta is kind to him I think, and potatoes’ best hero is also pretty meta as well.


BGD vs Carp: 0–2. If history tells us anything this will be an easy game for the carp team.

Manoy vs Yumi: 0–2. I love the Manoy team but yumi team has looked really good. I’m expecting it to be somewhat close, but still convincing for the yumi team.

Reedy vs Meph: 2–0. We have a chance to 1–1 in the right circumstances, but I would be shocked if we actually took 2 games off of reedy. It would most likely be based on internal struggles in the reedy team and letting phantom farm up enough to be a raid boss.

Bibleman vs Nhail: 2–0. Bibles out for the bois. Show em the word of God (:



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