FHDL Season 3 Main Season Review + Playoff Predictions

Honestly, my predictions for this season were pretty off. I’ll talk about the biggest changes between my predictions at the beginning of the season and the current standings.

Plat team (8th -> 2nd): I ranked my team at the bottom, and somehow we’ve managed second place. I think is a combination of multiple heroes we will pick if not banned, 3 solid laners, and plat playing above his medal as an Archon 5/Legend 1 mid. He still has areas to work on, but I am definitely satisfied with how he’s played so far. Regardless, I think we’re still a loose cannon team and could easily look like the worst team if we don’t show up in proper form, but also the best if we do show up.

Yop team (7th -> 1st): I ranked yop as the second-lowest team, and they ended up as the top team. This was mostly due to presuppositions I had, like my inherent hatred of Inno and some of Yop’s previous teams with mediocre results. I also didn’t know a couple of their players, but they seem to have a good grasp on the mid-game and come out of lanes decently.

Adam team (1st -> 7th/8th): I ranked this team as first, and they ended up tied for last. It seems we’ve finally found a team too heavy for Waffz to carry. They’ve had some decent results lately, but it may have been too little, too late, and even now there are some games they get stomped.

I guessed the middle of the pack pretty accurately, but the top and bottom of the pack I got wildly wrong.

Now let’s get into my playoff bracket predictions, and who I expect to win this season.

Plat vs Clare: 2–1. Based on insider info that I definitely do not have, this team is preparing for us better than when we initially matched up against them and crushed them. I think this series will go the distance and the better team will win game 3, but this time I’m going to put faith in my players and say we win.

Alternatively: 0–2 HATE TEAM

Yop vs Adam: 2–0. I want to believe in the power couple of waffz and Adam, but I don’t know if they have it in them to win versus a team that is more well-rounded.

Greg vs Smack: 0–2. Greg team has good players but I’m not sure if everything will click. It’s hard to judge the team since they have standins almost every week, but I have the impression that they need to work on communication primarily. Smack team has a stronger win condition player as well.

Lucas vs Yumi: 2–0. I also have a ton of friends on the Yumi team, but the Lucas team looks very consistent and the Yumi team’s success varies a lot depending on the week.

Round 2 of Playoffs:

Plat vs Lucas: 2–1, I’m feeling confident >:)

Smack vs Yop: 2–1 I think smack can crack this team open, also bibleman is too hot and will blind his brother in lane, establishing a dominant lead

Finals: Plat vs Smack: 0–2 we lost



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