FHDL Season 3 Team Rankings, Week 1

There are like 6 other blogs this time so if people keep doing them I won't, but if there is a lack of content I will try to make something every week.

#8: Plat. Team bad. Plus it's always good to put your team at 8th so you can exceed expectations.

#7: Lucas. 3/5 of this team did win last season, but I think this team functions worse together, and they no longer have a free rigged standin since inno is not on this team.

#6: Yop. Team has big MMR but a lot of these players are washed. Klop looses 2k mmr if pudge is banned, Choco doesn’t have a neutral item hotkey, and yop is an interesting player that probably doesn’t play at his mmr, especially since it seems he is supporting. The biggest asset here is that half of the weeks they will get a rigged standin thanks to inno. Choco’s mental may be destroyed this season too.

#5: Yumi. Solid players but scrub got drafted. He will not like showing up every week. If scrub has an unironic work schedule change this team might climb a bit in rankings.

#4: Clare. Probably should be #3 but clare doesn't want more top 3 rankings. Solid team all around. The big question will be if Pyro can carry games, or if they have h play carry, if he can carry games. The 2, 4, and 5 on this team are solid in their roles though.

#3: Smack. My main concern with this team is that Milo almost exclusively plays mid in his pubs (from what I’ve seen), but he will probably be a support on this team. However, if the team is willing to swap roles in some games, there will be a lot of threats you will want to ban and you can only choose 2.

#2: Harb. The tri core here is the best I think, but the supports leave me with some questions. I haven’t seen Mommyjesus play a support role, nor have I seen Syrup Badger play before. This team has the potential to be any ranking I think, depending on how well the team works together, but phantom + harb + greg is a great combination of players.

#1: Adam. Waffz + associate is pog, adam plays well with a strong pos 1 in my experience, and Blakkout is a solid pma support. Spazzy makes things interesting since he is the lowest mmr player by a decent margin, but Waffz has survived a season with scrub so he can overcome any obstacle.

Basically: Every team is cursed in its own way, and I think this season is hard to predict which teams will succeed and which ones will fail.




I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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