FHDL Season 3 Team Review

The underdogs who somehow rose to second place in groups have fallen in a close 1–2 series against Clare team, here are some of my thoughts about the team as a whole.

Overall I really liked our season. It was a bit more chaotic than usual, but it definitely could’ve been worse considering I usually only play on teams where I know all 4 players, and this time I only knew 2 of them.

Wee has been my favorite carry to play with, out of any of my LD2L/FHDL seasons. It gets debatable with RD2L when you have to weigh personality vs skill level, but I really liked playing with wee. He plays his role well and this season he made an effort to communicate more about his timings and where he wants to play. This combined with a relatively chill personality made games fun to play, as most carrys are dead silent and just farm, and I have to guess when they are strong enough to fight. There isn’t a whole lot for me to say in terms of improvement, but I’m glad I got to play with wee a lot since he is a chill guy and I’ve only played with him like 6 times before this season.

Plat was a total unknown to me before this. Normally a support player that we shoehorned into mid since any of the rest of us playing mid would be very cursed. It was sad seeing plat’s name get progressively more depressing every passing week, but every time we played he showed up fresh and rarely had anything resembling toxicity. He wasn’t the greatest mid player ever, but he had his moments such as the pango rampage, and rarely did I ever feel he was the problem in our gameplan. The only time I felt this was in his Lina game, but it happens to the best of us. Plat is definitely on the quieter side, but we had plenty of talkers to make that a non-issue.

I always have a hard time rating myself. On one hand, I am the stable, secure offlaner of the league who will always buy the boring items and play the stun heroes in order to ensure we win the game, which generally leads to me having a higher winrate in ticketed lobbies than anyone of my skill deserves. On the other, I had a couple of mental breakdowns that were totally self-inflicted, and I fell into my trap of blaming myself too hard in some games. I get into my head sometimes and expect too much of myself at certain times, but don’t discipline myself in others. But for 90% of the games, win or loss, I was happy to be on the team and didn’t make too many mistakes, none of which were game losing. I should probably get some coaching on pulling my death average down, as I was frequently 9+ deaths, where generally I want to stay to around 6 or less.

Yolksoup was fun to play with. Yolk doesn’t work with everybody, as she can be a bit of a drama queen sometimes and rubs some people the wrong way, but she is pretty good at dota, and together we made a top 3 or maybe top 2 offlane duo this season. She played consistently and usually forced 1–2 bans out from teams, and also learned that she can play hoodwink pretty well. Yolk won’t work well with every player out there but I hope I can play with yolk some more in future seasons of either FHDL or another league. :)

If you’ve seen our team in ANY discord, you’ll know we always say “hate solace” for just about anything. We really blur the line between a joke and actually hating solace, but for as much hate as we give him, he takes it like a champ. He isn’t the greatest support, he has a cursed mid pool which meant we never flexed him off of 5, we sometimes lost the warding game because of him, and he was negative value for his mmr, but he never flamed or griefed or got tilted, at least as far as I’m aware. This meant, in a way, we could deflect blame from any of our problems onto him, he would take it like a champ, and we could de-tilt ourselves from bad situations. So as a tilt absorber: solace is the best. For anything else: middle of the pack at best but what can you do.

Gotne was technically our coach but eventually we kinda just didn’t talk either way, especially since he seemed to have a different view of dota compared to us, suggesting picks that seemed very weird for the situation, or going for a very generalized draft rather than having a specific playstyle and identity like what we ended up with. But especially to lower mmr players, he seems like a good coach.

Shoutout to Jek for standin in for us 2 series. Even if we lost g3 of our latest series because of a panic arc warden pick, the other games were good and he was just about as good of a standin as we could get for solace’s mmr.

In summary:




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