FHDL Season 4 draft thoughts

hello gamers I am here to give you thoughts on the draft that is not at all related to math. I am in fact too stupid to understand most of the math in those blogs. if content is sparce I will make some more but no guarantees because I am bad at managing time.

8. Meph (team bad). I was going to put my team at like 6th, but after looking at all the other teams, we’re going to have an uphill battle. I don't think our team will be horrible, we’ll pick up some Ws, but I would be surprised if our record is not negative. Also maniac bad.

7. Bibleman (something something liver joke). bibleman has an OK team but they have some exploitable weaknesses in players. I’ve played with their team in pubs and it seemed chill, so I expect it to be a fun team regardless, but it may not necessarily be a winning formula. Will have to see later and update.

6. Bgd (stonks better be high all these games with how much he went for). This team seems ok. The roles are kind of ambiguous, it seems like 3 core players, tristero, and stonks who is very ambiguous in what role he will be playing. Pyro and Bgd seem pretty good though, so they also aren’t at the same level as meph and bibleboi imo.

5. Carp (idk what to put here but I hate eating fish). Better version of meph team with the low mmr mid and high mmr sidelines. A lot of these players are not very known to the FHDL player base though, so this team could be a wildcard in either direction.

4. Nhail (value player draft). Jbay is one of the best players in the pool this season and I think he will solo carry some games. I guess it depends how drunk he gets during games, there might be a tipping point for him. Obi and new couch day are very value players, but also not standout either. reliable and good to build a team around. Nhail is… interesting. I’m not sure if he is the worst p1 in the pool or not, but definitely not going to be the star of the show. Jbay is still worth a lot though, which is why this team is #4.

3. Manoy (value player draft pt 2). Team looks solid, and will win a lot of games, but I also think they will lose key games because their mmr is so average across the board. Against whatever teams are at the top, they will struggle to have enough impact to beat the high mmr players like Jbay, Greg, Reedy, Yumi, etc.

2. Yumi (managed to not get any crusaders and below). Yumi’s got the mmr draft, with his good friend potatoes on the team to make a better version of meph and carp team on paper. However, some of these players have peculiar playstyles, so I think it’s hard to say how good this team really will be.

  1. Reedy (Greg reedy power couple). The best combo of p1 and p2, mat seems like a solid offlaner, support duo isn’t too bad either. Good players all around with good shotcalling capabilities. However, both greg and reedy are known to be tilters under certain circumstances that are common enough that it may hold them back. I should’ve be on this team to make the ultimate trio of good players but tilters (:

week 1 matchup predictions

Bgd vs Manoy: 0–2 this will be a good test to see if the Manoy team with the value players and the average mmr distribution is worth it.

Reedy vs Carp: 2–0 I could be wrong on this, I only know Hawx on the Carp team. Reedy team will probably have a good start though.

Bibleman vs Yumi: 0–2 I would be surprised personally if the Yumi team drops a game here, but it’s not impossible. The power trio on the bibleman team is very strong, and very steamy :o

Meph vs Nhail: 1–1 I think this team is our best matchup and could be a 2–0, but I’m not holding my breath yet. I’ll have to see how we play as a team.



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