FHDL Season 4 week 2content

updated team tier list

BGD (6th-> 8th) This team had a really poor showing week 1. Pyro being on offlane really surprised me, even though he is capable of it. The games were not remotely close. Their picks looked good other than the not last pick huskar who ended up feeding, but they seemed to get outplayed. Will be interesting to see if this team makes a comeback. I genuinely think pyro p1 and bgd p3 will be an improvement to the team but I don’t know the team dynamic so maybe they have other plans.

Meph (8th -> 7th) We played pretty well and with a bit more discipline and less stun missing (Thanks for the lane maniac!!!!) we will be a solid middle of the pack team.

Nhail (4th -> 6th) My opinion of this team is much worse since it is confirmed jbay is going to be the “4th core” from p4 as opposed to mid. This playstyle will only work some of the time, and newbycakes was fine mid but he also played against one of the worse mids this season. This team will punish bad teams but also lose to the good teams I think.

Bibleman (7th -> 5th) The dream team isn’t totally failing. This team was able to adapt from a hard loss and turn it into a stomp game 2. This team is far from the top but they have a lot more going for them now that clare is the p3.

Reedy (1st -> 4th) Team didn’t look as dominant as I initially thought. The team nearly lost 2 games, and won game 2 with a very unconventional mid that I’m a bit puzzled by. Greg really carried this game, so this team will stay top 4 for sure, but I’m not sure how the rest of the players are going to preform going forward.

Carp (5th -> 3rd) I didn’t know anyone on this team so I ranked them low initially. Seems like a bunch of the people I don't know are much better than what I could gather from a quick dotabuff glance. Seems like they will have a good time if carp pulls a bit above his weight as a crusader mid.

Yumi (remains 2nd) Team didn’t 2–0 Bibleman like expected but regardless they still have a very good player draft so I expect them to be near the top for the rest of the season, and below 4th would surprise me.

Manoy (3rd -> 1st) This might be an over adjusting but these players looked like they played way above their mmr. Specifically, Roxy and Trashboat look like dominant players in their series. I’m really interested to see if their dominance continues.

Predictions week 2

BGD vs Bibleman: 0–2. This will be a test for both teams. Both teams will see if they are the bottom rungs of the league or not. If they 1–1 they are probably equally 7th place, but if a team 2–0s, that team that lost is probably the “worst” team in the league. No hate to anyone though. Both teams have potential but I see Bibleman’s team taking this series easier than BGDs.

Manoy vs Reedy: 2–0. Reedy going against the other best mid in the league (imo), and a bunch of players having very good dota weeks recently will be tough for the Reedy team. This series could go any way including a draw or a 2–0 sweep for Reedy, but I believe in the roxy redemption story after I griefed his season 2 :)

Carp vs Nhail: 1–1. These teams seem evenly matched to me, I think both teams will take a game from outplaying, as I don't think these teams really outdraft their opponents.

Meph vs Yumi: Do I need to say it…

0–2 in favor of yumi. However, me saying this means we will get a score OTHER than 0–2. Incoming tie bois lets go



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