FHDL Season 4 week 3 content

Michael Reynolds
2 min readApr 26, 2022


BGD (remains 8th) The team has tried some roleswaps but I still think that it’s not the best way the team can play their players. They still have ways to come back into the season and they did have 2 hard matchups, but I’m not very impressed by what the team is bringing so far

Meph (remains 7th) team bad

Nhail (remains 6th) not confident in this team yet. Their 1 win was OK, and their loss looked really stompy. Their draft in theory works well, with a bloodseeker vs timber/am. But they lost to timber am. in 23 minutes. We’ll see how future weeks go but this team is struggling.

Reedy (4th->5th) Oh how the mighty have fallen. The team seems to have a lot of internal issues. I would think that raw skill prevents them from being bottom 3 but I’m willing to be proven otherwise

Bibleman (5th->4th) This team is way overpreforming what I initially thought. Clare is popping off in these games and bibleman isn’t building any of the trifecta of battlefury, midas, and radiance. I still think the low mmr supports leave this team able to be exploited in terms of their vision game, but the cores are proving to be strong enough to carry the game.

Carp (remains 3rd) team still looks good I don't really have anything to say.

Yumi (remain 2nd) I hate cheese heroes man. Don’t look at the dotabuff of game 2 unless you want to see what blatant murder looks like. We have a criminal on our hands.

Manoy (remains 1st) This team continues to look very dominant with their no weak links strategy.


BGD vs Yumi: 0–2. Sorry kings but Yumi owned us, and in turn I think he will own you unless you have some killer strats you have yet to show.

Manoy vs Carp: 2–0. A real test for the Manoy teams. They’ve played middle of the pack teams so far, but Carp team has been right at Yumi’s and Manoy’s heels. Definitely the match of the week.

Reedy vs Nhail: 1–1. Reedy team is much better on paper but I’ve thought that about their last 2 matchups as well. I would be surprised if the Nhail team can take both games.

Meph vs Bibleman: 0–2. we lost, but at least we lose to good friends this time :)



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