FHDL Season 4 week 5 content

Michael Reynolds
3 min readMay 10, 2022


last week matchup review:

I probably should’ve done this from that start so that content has substance and not just reiterating the same opinions for 4 weeks straight.

Reedy vs Meph: Expected 2–0. Ended up 1–1.

We got our second win on the board! Game 1 wasn’t horrible but in the end our teamfight was not enough to deal with both a (slightly nerfed) tiny and a strong sniper. We had a decent start though. Game 2 we managed to get the win after a poor early game. We got phantom a good matchup and got rid of some of the cancer offlaners. Shoutout to meph who had a good game this time, he’s been struggling for a bit but he preformed better than herald! And shoutout to reedy for like, 3 rage buybacks.

Carp vs BGD: Expected 2–0. Ended up 2–0

So yeah don’t give the timber spammer timber 2 games in a row. Seems like this person can play even against counters. Best to just get rid of it. Can’t believe it was let through g2.

Yumi vs Manoy: Expected 2–0. Ended up 2–0

Not really a fan of the Manoy team hero drafts, especially game 1 where there is p4 void spirit and a drow with very little frontline for her. Yumi is showing that he is the best player in the league right now, he seems to not be throwing as much as the only yumi we know and love. Potatoes is also showing to be a consistent player even with pango banned.

Bibleman vs Nhail: Expected 2–0. Ended up 2–0

Nhail team is doing very well at all, putting up multiple cores with very negative scores.The team will need to work on their early game team fighting by the looks of things. Bibleman team on the other hand almost always has all 3 cores having a great game, and the supports still do alright considering they are quite low mmr.

Changes in rankings: Bibleman (3rd -> 2nd), Manoy (2nd -> 3rd), Nhail (6th -> tied for 7th with Meph).

Most of these are self-explanatory. Nhail now has an equal score to the meph team, who I can say from personal experience has had a very slow start to the season, only recently finding meaningful things to improve on for us winning games. And half of their wins are from us, so I think that it’s fair. Will meph team finally break bottom 2? Maybe. Will be very cursed if we do xd

Next weeks matchups

Reedy vs BGD: 2–0. Sorry 4 broken record, but reedy team seems good half the games and very tiltable in the other half of game. But I’m not sure if the BGD team can get to a point where they can tilt greg/reedy/tennelson.

Manoy vs Bibleman: 0–2. This matchup is very hard to predict, but I think Bibleman team has proven to me that they are capable of taking on stronger opponents, even when Manoy has fallen against the same people.

Meph vs Carp: 0–2. I think it’s possible for us to win, but will it happen? I think it depends on how well this offlaner does on non-timber heroes. The sample size isn’t very big since most teams let it through and get owned. Will be a tough matchup for sure.

Yumi vs Nhail: 2–0. Should be a pretty easy matchup for the yumi team, all things considered. Unless Jbay pulls up and causes problems for Yumi.



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