Fluffy Hat Dota League Season 1 Team Review

My team has unfortunately fallen in the first round of playoffs, so I am here to write my thoughts about this team. It was a fun time and I got to play with a couple of people I was interested in playing with, so I definitely don’t feel too bad even though we lost relatively early.

Clare: The hit or miss player and legendary feeder Clare, surprisingly did not feed too often. Other than one particular 1–16 bounty hunter game, most of the time he was keeping the KD at a solid 1:1 which was a bit surprising for me. Granted, he is the second-highest mmr player in the league, but that hasn’t stopped Clare from running it down before. Definitely, the weirdest pos 5 hero pool in the league and very few other 5s would I trust on bounty hunter or storm spirit, but I knew Clare could make the heroes work. After week 2 he also really stepped up on the shot-calling, which is great because I have a tendency to talk in “maybe”s and “probably”s when calling shots which is not a good trait to have, so I’m glad Clare was able to step up in that department.

Myself: Honestly, this was a weird season for me. I usually play slightly subpar for my medal but do that consistently, but this season I had some real hot and cold moments. Many games I just solo carried, and others I fed to 2k players. My team fighting this season was definitely my weakest aspect. Other than a couple of axe vs jugg lanes (phantom hurty my feeling :( ), I was very solid in laning, but I need to still work on my teamfight and midgame execution. I also did the scouting and drafting for the team. As a whole, I did fine, though occasionally I do give in a bit too easily to people's desires rather than what wins us the game, so I hope next season I get someone a bit more keen on drafting.

Snowstorm: I’m glad I got to play with snowstorm because I’ve played against him a lot in masters/ad2l and he always seemed solid for his medal, and that certainly still proved true here. Other than the mag games (we never speak of those again), he always had a solid showing on whatever hero he was playing. He helped solidify a lot of decisions during the game and he is definitely knowledgeable about playing the map. We usually got whatever hero we wanted as well since most teams just banned ta/sf last phase, which is a nice quality to have.

Betabits: I was initially a bit worried about having to lane with a guardian after seeing how my irl guardian friend plays support, but I was pleasantly surprised with betabits. He definitely has some areas to improve in, especially later in the game, but his laning was honestly great considering many times he had opponents triple his mmr, and I never felt like he was feeding or giving the enemy too easy of a time. He was also down to just pick shaker or shaman every game which simplifies drafting for sure.

Slizeey: Slizeey was a positive player with a lot of potential, as shown by him hitting crusader partway through the season. Given his low mmr, he played about how you would expect a guardian player to play, which is totally expected. We played around a guardian carry to the best of our ability. I would like slizeey to consider working on listening to us a bit better though. He has a lot of games in low-rated pubs, so he naturally has some wacky ideas (drow shard pre-buff, really just shard on any carry before that became popular this patch with the buffs), and at the time it was just not good. Many times we had to really convince him to get a bkb or a basher or whatever item it was to win the game, as his perception of the game is just different. So my advice to slizeey is to listen when me, clare, or snow had something to say. I know you think ursa aghs is good every game, but generally speaking, bkb is better in 90% of situations. Regardless, he was positive, never toxic, and always willing to play which are some great traits to have.

Smack: Smack had a pretty casual approach to coaching. If I wasn’t in one of the busiest semesters of my life I would’ve utilized his coaching a lot more, but unfortunately every waking minute I’m not playing dota, I’m probably slaving away at studying for midterms or writing 5-page papers on really dumb topics. If you get smack in the future, make sure you are proactive, but smack has a really good understanding of the game, and is a great help specifically to your higher mmr players.

Could we have won the finals? Probably not, but I definitely think we could’ve gotten to the finals with a bit cleaner play from me and betabits and a bit better itemization from slizeey. Regardless, this was a really fun season. I always have draft anxiety since there are a few people I don’t like playing with and I get nervous that I will be on a team with them, but fhdl has significantly less of them than ld2l/some of rd2l, so I will definitely play next season.

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I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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