Barrel Rider and I are here to announce that we will be hosting a Pog tournament! This will be a Bo1 bracket and we will have a draft format. This is to ensure that we have balanced teams across the board. This tournament will take place on July 5th, with the draft starting at 3 PM EST, and games starting at 4 PM EST. Signups will be open until July 4th, which gives you about a week to sign up. Make sure to join, here is the link to the form.

If you are unfamiliar with what Pog (Path of Guardians) is, it is a custom game that has been around for a couple of months now. It is heavily inspired by League of Legends ARAM (All random, All mid). This mode has much more fighting and action than regular dota. There is also the addition of guardians. They are creatures on the sides of the map that act like Roshan and provide powerful buffs to your team if you can kill them. If you haven’t checked it out already you should, it is a very fun game mode!

You have approximately 1 week to sign up! Make sure to signup and let us know if you are going to captain or not.