LD2L Post-Draft Rankings and Week 1 Predictions

Hello fellow plebs. As your superior, I will be evaluating you guys in terms of how trash or less trash you are. Enjoy :)

Ravi Rubick Tier

  1. Kyrix has done it again

How has kyrix managed to, once again, managed to get a team that is STACKED in mmr? In any case, I fully expect kyrix to make it to the finals. He has some really good players to carry him just like in previous seasons. Many times his teams have the caveat of possibly being toxic but he makes it work anyways. I have the same expectations of this team, but given kyrix’s team record, I am going to say he wins it all right here.

2. Brit stack to overtake the muricans (Joel)

This brit stack sadly only has 3 brits, but man is it a great stack regardless. Satin and Joel will do great with the lower mmr average this time around. Dusty has always been solid, and lew is very underrated. He made finals of s6 and has a good understanding of the game for someone with as few games as him. Chris and Tristero are also solid from guardians. I expect this team to go far.

Ravi Bane Tier

3. The Ricer and the 4 space makers (Tlis)

Solid players for all roles with a pretty good average with 4 archons. Tlis is such a ricer that he will likely outfarm most of the carries in this league, and I’m fairly confident that this team can make space for him and Tlis will take over the game.

4. Reigning champion returns with a vengeance (Hollywood)

This team looks really good. A lot of these players have a lot of potential that can go far with a bit of guidance. I don’t know who W is but they seem like a fairly good carry player. I’m expecting solid results from this team if they get a little bit of coaching help.

5. Barrel rider more like barrel flyer

I don’t know many of these players, but Princess + Barrel is a really solid duo core combo. Barrel is severely sandbagged and princess is just a top 3 player in this league. I can also see this team getting a higher ranking in the future as I just don’t know many of these players, but I expect a lot.

Ravi Juggernaut Tier

6. Ravi earning his anime redemption for last season

This draft is a little bit shaky compared to many of the other drafts, but many of the lower-rated players are quite value for their mmr and can pull many upsets. I will be working with this team to help them clean up mistakes and solidify drafts and gameplay, so with my help I think this team can achieve a lot.

7. Nick ish nawt the onli woon with Speemch Impebdiment

Nick did a friend draft so there is a lot of synergies here, however, this team seems like it will be a lot on nick’s shoulders. Most of these players seem just average, so many times the sidelanes will lose to archon or legend lanes. But I think this team will definitely have the communication edge. I hope my season with Nick has given him the ability to call the right shots.

8. The boomers are rising up (Old Man Techn1qu3)

This team seems very similar to Nick’s team, which is all-in on their mid player, but there is less innate synergy available. This feels like another team that can do a lot if they have a good coach and learn from some mistakes, and they have a decent mmr spread.

9. Hate maniac

I am really expecting this team to go up in ranking, but without seeing results from this team I don’t have too much faith in them yet. There is a pudge techies spammer after all, and some of the roles are a bit unclear for this team. Maniac might have to swap roles to fulfill the needs of his team, which is not a good sign from your second highest mmr player.

Also maniac bad so they will lose do not @ me

10. The wildcard factor (D3code)

On paper this team should be a top 5 team in terms of skill and mmrs. But this team has tyboar and he has had a bit of a history of making teams disband or being a bit of a problem in discord. If tyboar doesn’t either throw games or lose his cool, I think this team can shoot up the rankings, but right now I can’t place a team with tyboar on it very high.

Ravi LC tier

11. Overconfident much? (Inno)

Big inno hater here. His team is not bottom of the barrel because he has some value supports in chie and irissia, but there also seems like there is 4 support players on this team. Not too confident that this team will hold up.

12. Is Deathrocket strong enough to carry this team?

Deathrocket is one of the better players this time around and Jackman is also quite good as a space-making offlaner, but the rest of this team is a bit of a yikes. Individually they are fine, but once again this game rests almost entirely on 2 players, and I think that this strategy works worse in LD2L then having a nice mmr spread.

13. Decent on paper, but bad in practice imo (Gotham)

This team looks fine at first but I think there will be some personality clashes on this team and will drag down the team’s morale.

14. Idk what to say here (Quill)

This draft looks like one of the biggest yikes I’ve ever seen, comparable to when Inno drafted pipi, scrub, and chen on an rd2l team. Nothing else I have to add. I hope girl power brings out a couple of wins.


Old Man Techn1qu3 vs Barrel: 1–1

I think these 2 teams are pretty balanced in terms of skill and will result in a draw.

Gotham vs Tlis: 0–2

Especially when the teams aren’t coordinated yet, I think Tlis will be able to rice and take over the game, and I think Tlis has a better overall draft.

Joel vs Deathrocket: 2–0

Joel team owns, I think they will 2–0 or 1–1 every team in the league.

Nick vs Holly: 1–1

I think in these initial weeks, Nick’s team will be stronger than the rest since 5/6 of the players already know each other, but I believe that Hollywood magic will take 1 game from them.

Kyrix vs Inno: 2–0

If kyrix team doesn’t tilt this looks very easy for them

Maniac vs D3code: 2–0

Biggest gamble I am making but I am rooting for Maniac team.

Ravi vs Quill: 2–0

Ravi team has been practicing in pubs a lot so I think they will have a nice early edge in this week in terms of communication.

I will do an update after week 3 to see how teams fare after the initial weeks.

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