LD2L Season 3 Draft Thoughts

These are my personal thoughts on what the season might look like based off of the draft:

Nikyhuga: Obviously the best team nuff said…..

Obviously there is bias since this is my team but I think we’ve got some solid picks. Nik and grant are a good combo since they are IRL friends, RG is a beast tbh, drflocka is new but I remember him being really good when I played with him a couple of times. H2 I haven’t see play yet but I’m hoping he’s pretty good! Seems like a solid all-around lineup.


Krug has united part of the previous TIM lineup by adding mouse, and has quite a few new players. This is certianly a unique team lineup, and I heard rumors that Krug is playing 5? WHAT?!


This team certainly has the potential to do great. Yolksoup as the teams shot caller will give great guidance to how the team will play. I am not familiar with a couple of the players on his team, but when you pickup Trent for your position 4 I’m not entirely sure how your supposed to win against them. This team happens to be the highest average mmr as well, so theoretically they will be able to place very high. Also I’d love if this team is name No Courier 4 you feelsbadman


Talk about a stacked team! Tk, poxie, Cerys, all very good players with PMA attitudes. I don’t know much about ragingacid, but if poxie picks him 2 seasons in a row he must be pretty good. I have high hopes for this team, I think they can easily get top 3. Also watch out for TK, he has claimed he will go the whole season without playing any int heroes!


Elusive has a lot of new players as well, while also picking up the infamous midorchen and dusty. Be prepared safelaners, just because midorchen dies 5 times in the exact same way to you doesn’t mean your winning the lane! And with some of their POCKET picks (get it? They have a guy named pocket? I’ll shut up now) they have a decent shot at making it into the finals.


This team has so players that are somewhat new to the game, however with 1Paz and diva d as veteran dota players, I can expect this team to get some good results. Look out for donkey punch as well, he has owned me mid a couple of times in inhouses


A team of almost entirely new people (minu played last season and won, I think OC was a stand-in last season too), but many of these players have lots of games behind their belts. We’ll have to see if minu’s captaining can enable these players to preform.


Pulling just behind kyrix for the second highest mmr average, amazements’ team has a good mix of new and returning players, and even their lower mmr players are a force to be reckoned with. However, I don’t know how good amazements’ shot-calling and captaining is, and it’s often hard to do this from the mid role, so we will have to see how their leadership is dealt with.


A bunch of new players and molski. I have not played with any of these new players, so I can’t really testify to how this team will do.

A Strippers Lasagna

A strippers lasagna, luke, and blindkillerBMW are great friends, so seeing them on the same team will provide a big advantage to them. Luke was a huge factor in leading Meta4 last season to the finals, so we will have to see how his roaming (if he is still playing pos 4) will impact the lanes.

Young Kobe

There are quite a few experienced players on this team. Young Kobe being a respectable mid/carry, xshal being able to win games last season from the support role despite some mega salt coming from scrub/debrunye, and crypt1c who I know plays in many other leagues similar to this (also admin of trenchleague at one point xd).


It’s hard to say that like 1/2 of the teams look really good, but this team does look like a solid lineup. Atifex went for a different strat in the draft, picking up lower mmr players to constantly get first pick. And despite the lower mmrs of these players, they are all very good at the game. Agony will likely be given a lot of space to farm while his team makes that space by fighting early. Atifex is a very seasoned dota player, so hopefully that turns into wins for his team.

Final Thoughts and Placements

Most of these teams look at least decent, if not great, so do not be discouraged if you are lower placed You can do it :blobcheer: !!!. I expect this season to be more even compared to last season.

1st: Nikhyuga

2nd: Poxie

3rd: Atifex

4th: Amazements

5th: Kyrix

6th: Elusive

7th: A strippers Lasgana

8th: JT

9th: Young Kobe

10th: Krugerrand

11th: Rock

12th: Minu



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