LD2L Season 6 Winners Blog

I have achieved the status of LD2L winner. In typical LD2L fashion I am going to retire (although really, I was only able to play this season since signups was right when valve cut my mmr by a third with the core/support mmr). Our team had some rocky moments but ultimately once we found a strategy and stuck to it (most of the time…), we prospered.

Position 1: Shwaazi

I didn’t know how to feel about Shwaazi for a long period of time. Occasional absences that were given with no or short notice, sometimes didn’t check discord to respond to getting online for games, and an interesting style of carry made me wonder what to do with him sometimes. Eventually I just realized I need to play to his strengths. He wants to farm, so I let him farm. When I picked him monkey king heroes, or heroes that couldn’t recover from a bad lane like lifestealer, we generally had less success than heroes that recover better like gyro and wraith king. As we found out in the grand finals, he also plays bigger carries like PA well, I just never experimented due to our playstyle of playing in the midgame. Shwaazi was one of, if not the lowest mmr carry in the league, but he played to his mmr and listened well overall.

Position 2: Nickasauce (mostly)

As I’m sure you guys are aware, initially nick was offlane and I was mid. For his brief stint in the offlane, nick did quite good, but our drafts were not flowing well enough with me playing mid, so we tried to change things so that we had an actual mid player play mid, and an actual offlane player play offlane. Who would’ve thought it worked? Crazy. Anyways nick is a beast. Very often he was top of the board with kills and was running around pushing towers with us and murdering people. It was really something else, considering we got him as a crusader. At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about having nick on our team with midas radiance offlane abaddon (last time I’ll mention it I swear) , but nick is probably the MVP of my team overall. Very consistently good play.

Position 3: Lava (mostly)

I did not do good at mid. Nick did good from the offlane position. The switch was natural to do, considering offlane is my main role anyways. I just felt like I could carry games from the midlane due to my big boi mmr compared to the other mids in the league, but in the end I just don’t play that style of midlaner. I played aggressive offlaners that, together with nick, often set the pace of the game in our favor. Our biggest advantages over the other teams was an extremely strong offlane duo of players, and our aggressive pushing we were able to do. Many games ended in 28–35 minutes for us, which is very fast by LD2L standards that often rely on games going to 40–50 minutes. There were very few lanes I lost once put in the offlane, and this season solidified my identity as an offlaner. Before this season I bounced around between mid, carry, and offlane since my playstyle aligns with a few heroes in each role. Ultimately though, I play the offlane role better and this season has given me the confidence to say that.

Position 4: Ravi

Ravi was, along with me, the main shotcaller on the team. Occasionally Ravi would suggest questionable plays or have us playing too safe. Our poor team has to live with me telling people to go in and ravi telling people to go back, it must have been hard to decide what to do. However I don’t think Ravi did a bad job at all, and his play from position 4 was really good. While at times he had the impulses to buy wards instead of instructing the 5s where to buy wards, he usually kept it under control. The infamous Ravi GG calls when he had it bound on his chat wheel were both worrying and hilarious at the same time. Ravi even learned new heroes to play, like mirana. Before week 3 Ravi had played mirana only a few times, and by playoffs he was hitting arrows on people with no set up stun. Ravi is dedicated to the team and it really shows with his play and the questions he asks. Ravi was a valuable team member, and he even did the player draft for me when I had to be on a roadtrip I found out about only the day before. Ravi is an extremely solid player for this league. Sorry lonewolf that I took your player by accident xd

Position 5: Melchior

Melchior was active and ready to learn, and always asking questions and prompting us to think about drafts, strategies, and synergies before games. While he is still a very new player in terms of game time, he has a very good sense of strategy. He unfortunately was not able to make the finals, but he spent a lot of time with Ravi learning about ward placements, vision, and goals of what a position 5 should accomplish. A very worthwhile last pick

Position 5: lirpaaa/April

It took me until playoffs to realize her username is April backwards. I always wondered why people called her that. I felt very stupid then. Anyways, April played well as a position 5 as well. Both her and Melchior rarely had the most deaths (it was usually me tbh) and considering she woke up at 6AM (!!!) to play LD2L games, she played really well. I know if I had to wake up at 6AM to play these games I would be feeding a lot from not having much sleep.

Thank you to everyone who watched and rooted for us. Shoutout to maniac and scrub for watching our games and nearly dying from seeing “amazing” plays, shoutout to yolk for “coaching” the winning team but being too busy to actually be coaching, and to hollywood for putting up a hell of a fight in the finals.



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