LD2L Season 9 Masters Draft First Impressions

  1. Yumi. I don’t think this is a surprise considering that Yumi and Waffz are some of the best LD2L players in the league, a very nice combo for 1/2. The rest of the players also look solid for their MMR range. Definitely the favorites to take the season.
  2. FJ. I think you all are sleeping really hard on this team, simply because you do not have the insider info I do. 2 of his players, Welshy and Beejack, are outstanding players for their roles in AD2L which is exactly why FJ went for them, and he almost got a third before mags yoinked it from him. I am also on FJ’s AD2L team with Woh?, and we are doing really well when we stick to a gameplan. Even though this team has 4 legends, I believe that all of them are value and most if not all should be able to stand up to ancient players well.
  3. Roar. Roar has a very solid standing in LD2L, and he did a fairly solid draft, though this one does have some boomer energy to it. That will hopefully unite them though, and even though soralella isn’t a boomer, he plays with his dad a lot so he will be used to it. Sora is a very value pick as well, as he is tearing it up in RD2L right now. I’m not usually a fan of teams deathrocket is on but I think this team will work out. Roar seems to have some kind of science on how to beat and play against LD2L teams as he frequently steamrolls his lane.
  4. Pingdingdong. This team is a little bit cursed but only a little bit and gay firefighters seems a bit sus to be let into LD2L. This team has the potential to move up to 2nd or down to 7th though, so right in the middle seems like the best spot for them.
  5. Satin. Not optimal roles, and we’ll have to see if slinky “carries” from the offlane or if he actually learns carry, but slinky is definitely the best individual player in the pool. The rest of team looks kind of lackluster though. Slinky will probably end every game with a positive KDA and they will have a 4–10 record or something.
  6. Coplice. Some of these players look value but I just don’t like the combination of these players together. I’m expecting the team to look shaky at first but maybe they will settle down and move up in ranking.
  7. Mags. On paper this team seems at least middle of the pack if not higher, but I think there is a lot of clashes that will happen on this team. Mags being the captain but also not using a mic will be tough on the comms, and GR and luchs seem like the type of people who would want to communicate a lot with the team. I have no idea about kptl, but they are very high MMR so they could potentially turn this team around. I would not be surprised if this team does well, but I’m predicting they will do poorly, at least at the beginning.
  8. Battlegod. I’m sorry Arya.

Week 1 Predictions:

Coplice vs Satin: 1–1

Mags vs Roar: 0–2

Battlegod vs Yumi: 0–2

Ping vs FJ: 0–2




I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

I write blog posts about anime reviews and other miscellaneous things that interest me.

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