Quincy Crew Team Review -Lava Perspective

Michael Reynolds
5 min readJul 26, 2022

Hey all. I’m not especially active in PST SUN so many of you wont know who I am. But if you’ve played in Fluffy Hat, LD2L, RD2LPL, or are in some of their associate discords, you will have seen before since I am active there. I don’t usually sign up for RD2L since many teams are iffy and I’ve had some less-than-ideal moments NEVER FUCKING QUESTION ME. But I was promised to be on an RD2LPL team with BSV and other people from RD2LPL, so I signed up. And then he never captained, smh. So I was a little nervous but tried to keep positive. And to be honest, I’m glad I did because this was by FAR my best season. I mean, when my next contender is a scrub vel team, it just isn’t even a contest ya know?

I wasn’t sure what to think about Vuvu drafting me since I’ve heard some funny and questionable stories about Vuvu before, but it ended up being a really chill team, and I knew a few of the players and got quickly acquainted with the others. I really wish that this team happened a season earlier, when I wasn’t despising Dota and playing 1 game a week besides officials. If I was doing better in some of our games, we would’ve gotten a higher playoff seed or potentially not lost our last series in round 1 of playoffs. Not always, but frequently I felt like I was the weak link of the team. Which is great when you win, but horrible when you lose. If a generic offlane player is the weak link, it’s usually a good sign but going 0–12 on your supposedly signature hero is not a good look.

Vuvu was fun to lane with. He definitely fed more than he needed to in lane, and for a lane combo with decent mmr, sometimes we dropped the ball lmao. But Vuvu was amazing for our mid to late game plays. This man knows how to ward, and even though he was technically P4, a lot of games we had the roles swapped. I don’t think we really utilized some of Vuvu’s hero pool to its fullest potential, but we had a lot of funny picks where we could flex a hero between 4 roles, and Vuvu was all for it, even encouraged it. He also did a lot of research, and even if me and all of our teammates said nothing about it until 10 minutes before, it was still great to look at during draft to make sure we don’t let a hero spammer have a free game.

Reze was the one player I had played dota with before this season. I knew he was super chill and fun to play with, and also pretty solid. This dude was willing to play anything needed for the game. Many times he was put into more of a P2 from safelane role and played it well, and his TB and other late game farmers were great as well. It was nice to play on a team where the carry wasn’t either a toxic asshole or silent the entire game. Reze was PMA, Vocal, and really fun to play with. Maybe we can work on diving the fountain less :) but otherwise I loved Reze, dude is a homie.

I’ve been around Doomcow a bit in RD2LPL but I’ve barely said more than a couple of words to him before this, and never played Dota with him either. Doomcow was, just like my previous teammates, super chill, super fun, and also quite skilled at Dota. We won’t talk about Meepo scorelines ;) but besides suggesting Meepo at questionable times, Doomcow was undeniably very good at Dota. I don’t know how much mid he’s played, but he definitely seemed pretty good at it, drawing or winning most matchups, despite being known as a safelane player. I think this season will be a decent testament to that, being able to play cheese heroes like LD or Visage and stomp the game with them, or even just the generic Ember/Void heroes.

Awfulwaffle was a blast to play with as well. Just like everyone else, he is chill and fun to play with. With how much we picked him Zeus, he may have had the most hero damage out of our entire team more often than not. I genuinely cannot tell. I think he’s supposed to be some legendary IO player but we just gave him Viper/Zeus in half of our games and killed it. It really felt like we had 4 cores most games which was awesome. Vuvu and his 4 cores. Not much else to say other than I hope we get to play another season or some pubs together! And same goes to all of my teammates here, of course.

Ok so it's time for the weak link, ME. To be honest, I usually played fine but my problem, just like everything in video games it seems, is that I’m not consistent. I know how to push my limits, I know how to farm well from the offlane at this point, I know how to play team fights, and I know how to snowball games. The problem is that it’s a dice roll if I do any of them in any particular game. Unfortunately, I think the way to practice that is spamming solo queue games, and honestly, I would rather be bad than play more than 2 solo queue games a month LMAO. Additionally, my Mars was really flat this season which is not normal; usually I can get a very average 6–8–30 type of scoreline with first pick Mars, but not this season. Maybe I was a bit out of my depth here in RD2L, or maybe I’ve regressed to being bad at Mars. Or the hero is just bad now. I can’t tell. The hero FEELS bad, but I still get baited into playing it regardless. And I played plenty of other heroes well. Maybe it’s time to retire Mars…

This season was so fun. For once, I was HAPPY when Sundays came. I didn’t fear for my life with 1.09 flaming me, or having a combination of a griefer and smacktricks (smack sucks!!!). I was able to have a good time, and we got pretty decent results. Hopefully, next season also goes well. Copium.



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