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Idk if you guys can tell between my profile picture on discord and how I’ve pretty much only been playing pokemon ROMs for the last 2 weeks, but I’m in a pokemon craze right now and I’m here to share with you THREE whole tier lists. I’m going to be going over my favorite regions, favorite pokemon, and favorite battle themes. Keep in mind, these are only of the games that I have played, so pokemon from Gen 6 (X/Y) and Gen 8 (Sword/Shield) are less likely to be on two of the lists, and won’t be in the favorite regions, as I haven’t played them. For any pokemon boomers that haven’t kept up with the recent pokemon games, here’s a handy dandy key to help.

Generation 1: Kanto, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow

Generation 2: Johto (and Kanto post-game), Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Generation 3: Hoenn and Kanto remakes, Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green

Generation 4: Sinnoh and Johto remakes, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver

Generation 5: Unova, Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2

Generation 6: Kalos and Hoenn remakes, Pokemon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby

Generation 7: Alola, Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

Generation 8: Just Galar (for now), Pokemon Sword and Shield

Favorite Pokemon Regions:

Once again, a reminder we’re skipping over Kalos and Galar since this is MY tier list and I haven’t played those regions yet. This isn’t which game I like more, simply the layout of the region.

#6: Alola

The newest region that will be on this list, I didn’t like Alola a lot like I did the other regions. I don’t think it’s bad, but it just felt alright and not anything spectacular. The island idea is cool and it works well but it doesn’t quite give me and nostalgia like some of the other regions do. Nothing bad but nothing great IMO.

#5: Hoenn

I’ve played quite a lot of Hoenn, playing 2 runs of Emerald and 1 run of Alpha Sapphire, but I’m not the biggest fan of the region layout. It’s really varied and has a lot of variety, but there is way too much water for my taste. I understand it’s part of the whole Groudon vs Kyogre deal, but it’s something I don’t like too much personally.

#4: Kanto

Pokemon boomers are getting angry at me right now I bet. Kanto isn’t #1 in my eyes. It was the debut generation, so it shouldn’t be too outlandish, but everything is just very normal. Everything about the region is average and the bar that sets a good region to be good or bad.

#3: Johto

Strictly better than Kanto IMO, it has a much more natural flow and I enjoyed playing in Jhoto more. There isn’t a whole lot to say though, because even though the flow of the region is better, it is still a fairly bland region aside from a few things that were tried, like Cianwood city.

#2: Unova

Other than it’s awful shape, I really liked the varied weather and look of the routes. This would likely be #1 if it was just based on the design of the routes, but as a whole, the shape of the map is pretty bad.

#1: Sinnoh

I’m really biased since this is BY FAR my most played region, having over 1000 hours in Pokemon Pearl, along with 3 runs in platinum and 2 in Diamond, but I really do like Sinnoh a lot. Other than a couple of backtrack moments, the flow was great and again the varied route locations and weather was something I really enjoyed.

Favorite Pokemon Themes

We’ll be going over my 10 favorite pokemon themes. While the vast majority will be battle themes, there is the chance that a city or route theme can make it on here.

#10: Giratina’s Battle Theme (Pokemon Platinum)


#9: Silver Rival Theme (Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver)


#8: Kanto Gym Leader Remix (Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, World Tournament)


#7: Johto Gym Leader Remix (Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, World Tournament)


#6: Legendary Lake Guardian Trio (Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum)


#5: Guardian Deity Trio (Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon)


#4: Ultra Necrozma battle theme (Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)


#3: Legendary Beast Trio (Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver


#2: Kanto Champion Theme (Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green)


#1: Pokemon World Tournament Final Battle theme (B2W2)


Honorable Mentions (Had to cut to make 10, but I still really like these!): Wally’s theme (Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)


Zinnia’s theme (Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)


It’s kind of hard to describe WHY I like these themes so much, especially compared to others. I guess the best way to say it is that it fits the theme of the battle and has a variety of instruments used in harmony together. I would, no joke, primarily play the Pokemon World Tournament over and over again and nothing else for months straight, and a large part of it was that the music, whether original or remixes, were so well done and I just loved hearing them. A note on Ultra Necrozma theme. While I don’t count fan made remixes in this list and only official themes, if I did count them then the remix by GlitchXCity who I listen to a lot might have made #1. Here it is if you are interested.

And finally,
My Top 15 Favorite Pokemon (because I really couldn’t limit it to 10)

#15: Drapion. So I’m just going to give a heads up, a lot of these pokemon are here simply because “they look cool” and Drapion is just cool looking to me. It’s like a battle scorpion, and though I have insectophobia, that doesn’t stop me from using and liking bug or bug-like pokemon.

#14: Manectric. Electric doggo that is also very powerful and has a sic mega, yeah this one is a favorite of mine.

#13: Gliscor. Probably the only pokemon where the anime influenced my love for. While I have my discord avatar as an anime fight scene from pokemon, I don’t actually like or watch it very much. But the bit I did watch was from Pokemon DP since that was what was on when I was a kid on Cartoon Network, and Ash’s derpy Gliscor became a favorite of mine. Considering it’s also an extremely strong battler, and it has earned its spot.

#12: Cloyster. Probably the pokemon I can elaborate on the least. It’s just cool looking, and that’s about it. I really like artillery/weapon-based pokemon (as you’ll see further down the list) and Cloyster is very similar to that.

#11: Salamence. I had to put 1 generic dragon pokemon on here, but Salamence is definitely my favorite. Nothing against the others like Garchomp or Dragonite, but Salamence is the depiction of a generic western dragon, and I’ve always loved dragons in mythology.

#10: Magnezone. Magneton was one of my favorite gen 1 pokemon and you give it a pretty dope looking evolution, yeah I’m gonna like it a lot. It also has my favorite type combination (Electric/Steel), which includes my favorite type, Steel.

#9: Flareon. Yeah, my favorite eeveelution is by far the worst competitively, but that’s ok. Flareon is dope. I love its cute little design, and it’s actually usable instead of practically unusable since Gen 4 had the physical/special split. The only one on here that I like because of cuteness, but Flareon is just the best.

#8: Latios. The only legendary on this list, Latios just exudes “coolness” to me. It’s cry and battle stats are amazing, and I loved the Latias/Latios movie, probably the movie I am most fond of.

#7: Empoleon. My very first starter pokemon, and by extension my first ever pokemon. It isn’t quite in the top 6 because my tastes have changed between the time I was 7 and now, but I still love this thing a lot. It will always be a top 15 pokemon because of nostalgia.

The next 6 would be what one could say is my “Favorite Team” since it involves my favorite pokemon.

#6: Octillery. Yeah, I have this derpy little octopus on my top 6. It’s extremely slow, derpy, and somehow evolves from a fish, how can I like it? Well, that’s exactly why I like it, it’s derpyness always appealed to me somehow. Also being an octopus artillery cannon is pretty sic too.

#5: Yanmega. The first-ever bug pokemon I actually liked. Before I used a Yanmega in platinum, I thought that literally every bug pokemon except Scizor was awful to use in battle, but I decided that I was going to use one on my platinum team and not only realized how cool it looked but how effective it was in battle. Since then, I use bug pokemon a lot more often.

#4: Steelix. My favorite type with the pokemon that shows it off the best, Steelix is an awesome looking beast of a thing. I think I remember seeing a shiny Steelix in the anime too, which is interesting since they don’t show shiny’s too often there. Overall just a beast of a pokemon and it’s mega is also pretty solid looking too.

#3: Vikavolt. Okay, you can’t just make a railgun pokemon and not expect me to put it up here. I freaking had a nerdgasm about this pokemon when I came back to pokemon to play Ultra Sun/Moon. Love it’s typing, it’s design, everything.

#2: Torterra. My favorite starter, the one that gets so much flame of the 3 Sinnoh starters, it’s Torterra. I can’t really describe what it is about Torterra, but I just really love it. My favorite generation with my favorite starter on arguably my favorite pokemon game (platinum), I had to put him very high. But he’s still not the best.

#1: Gallade. You should’ve guessed it by now. I am in LOVE with Gallade. I think as a kid I really liked the idea of a bodyguard pokemon that fought with blades for arms, and ever since I’ve just loved it. Mega Gallade made me love it even more. This is a FLAWLESS POKEMON DO NOT @ ME.

That is my tier list. I was literally just bored and spent close to 4 hours making this because I’m in a Pokemon craze. Hope you had fun reading. Stay tuned for a giant blog on my ANIME TIER LIST coming out on Tuesday.



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